Benefits Of Joining A Running Team In Lebanon
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If you are an amateur runner, the thought of joining a running club might be daunting. You are possibly visualizing intimidating images of super fit runners dressed in designer Lycra outfits with high-tech gadgets, while you’re panting and trying to catch up. Get that image out of your head now. What you’re imagining is far from the truth. Stop thinking whether you are good enough or fit enough to join a running club and just do it. Why? Read on to find out!


We all run for different reasons, be it to get fit, to lose weight, or to complete races.   Whatever the motivation is, there are persuasive reasons to why joining a running club or team can help make your running experience better.


Most running clubs and teams are run by coaches who will teach you how to improve your technique to run safer and more effectively. The coach will show you the right way to run, give you tips on training methods and/or train you for an upcoming race. Your running buddies will share their experiences with you and you will find them providing you with the most invaluable advise that will prevent you from making mistakes.



Your running buddies will vary in skill levels, social backgrounds, and statuses, however, what they all have in common is motivation. Whatever your purpose to run is, being surrounded by other runners will motivate you. You will gradually see yourself improve in your distance and speed alongside a group of runners who will support you and push you to do your best.


Even professional marathoners who run alone decide to spend an extra hour in bed or skip running after work because they are too tired. When you commit to a team, you are far more likely to show up and run.


More fun.
Sometimes you would want to run on your own to clear your mind but on most days, you would find it more enjoyable to run with a group of people. Your running buddies will end up becoming your friends who you socialize with while running and possibly also find other common hobbies and activities you would enjoy doing together.


Runners watch out for each other.
You won’t be huffing and puffing at the end of the lot on your own. Chances are you will be huffing and puffing with others. Running mates look out for each other. If you fall behind on a training run, someone will constantly check on you and/or run back to be with you. No you won’t be bothering them and slowing them down. Runners are a lot friendlier than you think



Where to start?
There are several running clubs and teams to choose from in Lebanon. We’ve compiled a list of the most active ones. Find one that suits you best in terms of location, timing, and runners you find yourself comfortable with.

You’re all set, now Start RUNNING!

5 Do’s and Don’ts for Your 10KM Run
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A 10 Kilometer run, whether for fun or for competition, can be a wonderful experience. Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do to make sure you have a successful, healthy, and great 10KM run on November 8 at the Banque Du Liban Beirut Marathon.


Do: Get ready the night before: lay out your gear and get as much sleep as possible, try sleeping for a full 8 hours. Get to the race well ahead of time so you can begin your run in a relaxed way.
Don’t: Wear new shoes for your run, it’s best to run with your tried and true shoes.


Do: Eat whatever works best for you, stick to your regular diet and on race day have a good breakfast but nothing heavy before the race.
Don’t: Eat too much pasta: Carbo loading is not necessary for a 10KM run, and may only make you feel stuffed and sluggish.


5 Reasons to Run in Beirut
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Running, an activity rendered pure in essence and practice, has been slowly growing in popularity in Lebanon since the early 90’s. Beirut witnessed an unexpected boom of interest in 2003 after the Beirut Marathon Association (BMA) hosted its first Beirut International Marathon. After countless running events, launches, and community-based initiatives, crowds have successfully joined the expanding running community in Lebanon and now act as immortal ambassadors hereafter.

If you’re still thinking whether you should be running the streets of not, check out these 5 awesome reasons to get your running ON

5 Must-Know Tips to Guarantee you the Best Summer Run
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No one can deny that the heat in Beirut this summer has been quite the challenge, so the BMA Team has assembled a few need-to-know tips to make sure your runs in any race go as smoothly as possible!

BMA Medical Committee Hosts Annual Health and Sports Seminar
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August 8th, the BMA Medical Committee organized an informative Health & Sports Seminar in collaboration with numerous local establishments, namely the American University of Beirut Medical Center, the Lebanese Red Cross, and the Champs Fund.