Download Our App Before the Youth Race!!
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You’ve proven that Inta Akid Adda!


You’ve registered for the 2nd BankMed Youth Race on April 10th, 2016 taking place at Marina Dbayeh. Have you downloaded the Beirut Marathon app yet? If not, continue reading to find out why you should!!



If you  have registered to run in the Bankmed youth race, click on this link to find out everything about the race.

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Friends and family can track you during the race!!

Did you know, your friends and family can follow you on the Beirut Marathon app while you race?!

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Yup! That’s right.  Download the Beirut Marathon app for FREE

For IOS click here

For android click here

You can also find the links on our website.

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Once the app has been downloaded, you will see the below screen. Click the 3 arrows on top of the image.


Once you see this menu, select ‘Tools’


You can now login.


You have the option to login with Facebook.


Select ‘Enable Tracking’


Enter your bib number and click submit.


Now your friends and family can track your location while you race!!


They can cheer you from their phones anywhere they are!!!

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Find out how you did!

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Besides your friends and family tracking you, you can also check how many racers you ended up passing during the race! In the main menu, click on ‘Youth Race’, click on ‘My Followers’ enter your bib number and find out!!!


Good luck at the race!!!

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Inta Akid Adda! Run this April 10!
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On April 10th, 2016, you can join thousands of runners at the 2nd BankMed Youth Race, Marina Dbayeh.

Step up, compete with your friends, and run for an NGO of your choice.


Run with us towards success in running and in life.  Set big goals and work hard towards achieving them. You will have  fun. No prior running experience is required! Akid Adda! Run!


We have a few race categories you can choose from:
2000m Race (7-13 yrs / Competitive)
– 2000m Special Needs Race (7 -17 yrs / Competitive)
– 5000m Race (14 -17 yrs / Competitive)
– 5000m Fun Run ( Open Age )

If you’ve ever wondered how do people manage to run the distance, which might seem like a long way at first…



Wonder no more! our races are doable for just about anybody, and you can start training for one! Check out Beirut Marathon’s training Tutorials here.



Don’t forget that the registration fee is only 5000LL and will be completely donated to NGO’s that specialize in youth causes.


Why should you run?

Running helps you feel good.



Running empowers you.


 You can set goals and achieve them.



You can Support your community.


You can own that finish line!


 Most Importantly, you should run to have…


Ready to take on a race? You’re in the right place. We’ re here to help you get signed up and prepped for your race whether you’re a seasoned runner or a beginner. Check out these awesome tutorials.


In the end, RUNNING..


Is a sport that improves your physical, mental, and emotional well-being whilst learning the importance of doing good AND having fun doing so! So…What are you waiting for?

To learn more about the race, the NGOs we are supporting and the registration process, please visit this link.


What’s new this year?

We have taken all precautions to ensure all the runners’ safety. Every runner shall meet at the set gathering point before and after the race until their guardian picks them up.

The entire track will have the Red Cross, judges, and volunteers throughout; there will be cheering points at every 500m; and there are go-pro cameras throughout to film the race.

The registration fee of 5000LL is considerably much lower this year, and will be completely donated to NGO’s that specialize in youth causes.

One more new thing- Meet your sports idol through the tomorrow’s heroes program.


Four amazing Lebanese heroes have a full day program set for you! Get to know more about Sylvio Chiha, Mona Francis, Chirine Njeim and Elie Rustom.

Follow the link to write to us about your favorite hero and you could win a full day to spend with them, get to know them more and have fun activities together.


Running is a fun sport that everyone may enjoy and develop a great amount of self esteem. It also is a great method to get people to learn the importance of health and fitness from a young age. Through dedication and persistence, runners can reach that finish line.

The slogan of the 2nd annual BankMed Youth Race, “Akid Adda! Run!” revolves around that concept.


Use the race hashtags and share with us your training journey all the way to April 10: #akidadda #beirutmarathon #Bankmedyouthrace

BDL Beirut Marathon Highlights
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Against all odds, and despite what Lebanon is going through, the Beirut Marathon succeeded once again in transcending its status as a mere sports event to become a national celebration of hope, unity, and peace. This unbeatable spirit is one of the reasons that brought together 37, 811 runners on the streets in 2015.

A big thank you goes to all the #peacerunners who took the streets this November 8 at the Silver Label “Banque du Liban Beirut Marathon” (BDLBM), organized by the Beirut Marathon Association.

The thirteenth edition of this silver labeled international running event brought people together from all over the world and from all Lebanese regions and backgrounds to run in the streets of Beirut.

This is what happened on Nov 8, 2015:

  • We have a new course record of 2:11:04, the fastest one we’ve had in 13 years held by Jackson Limo
  • 16,947 participants ran for one of the 120 partner NGOs
  • Paula Radcliffe, World Marathon Record holder, was the official guest
  • Out of 66 #Beirut542 first time marathoners, 65 made it to the finish line
  • The last finisher of the marathon distance crossed the line in 7hrs: 22mn
  • In collaboration with Offre Joi and all the municipalities involved, the Beirut Marathon participated in cleaning the trash around the course prior to, and after marathon day
  • LBC broadcast the event live for a full 4 hours

Ever since its first edition, the International Beirut Marathon has been growing in popularity and participation; attracting more and more runners each year, and creating a true culture of sportsmanship in the country. Schools, universities, corporate teams, charities and NGO’s were all active participants in the event this year.

It has always been the goal of the Beirut Marathon Association to promote the values of running, and through those values to reach out to society at large and to make a positive impact on the country and its people.  This year’s marathon was a continuation of the road towards peace through sports; because after all, peacemaking is a marathon

See you all in 2016, make running a resolution!

BMA Meets with Municipality Mayors Ahead of Sibline Company Half Marathon
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Tuesday, September 1st, the Beirut Marathon Association (BMA) met with the five municipality mayors, who govern the cities included in the Sibline Company Half Marathon running course. BMA President Mrs. May El Khalil met with Damour, Sibline, Jadra, Rmeileh, and Jiyeh municipality officials in hopes of discussing BMA’s needs during the half marathon. The BMA will be launching the first edition of the Sibline Company Half Marathon, which will take place on Sunday, September 13th.

BMA Hosts 2015 BDL Beirut Marathon Launch in Lancaster Plaza, Beirut
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Thursday, August 20th, the Beirut Marathon Association (BMA) officially launches the BDL Beirut Marathon in Lancaster Plaza, Beirut . The launch was held to unveil the 2015 Banque Du Liban Beirut Marathon (BDLBM), which will take place on November 8th. The largest marathon in the Middle East region is ready for its 13th edition.