Running My Own Experience | By Tala Karim
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The only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein

 Working Experience

Working for two months as an intern at the Beirut Marathon Association was an extremely rewarding experience. Thanks to my two supervisors, Lara and Safa, I had the opportunity to explore the communication field through its different aspects. By preparing presentations, writing articles, covering events on social media, attending meetings with creative agencies, and joining the TVC shoot for the big Marathon 2016, this internship has definitively increased my interest in pursuing my career in the media and communication field.



It is not by chance that I chose to apply in the Beirut Marathon Association. I love sport and I love Lebanon.
I really admire the work that BMA is doing as well as its ambition and generosity. BMA is a small organization that likes to act BIG. By organizing small marathons, BMA is able to help many NGOs; all aiming to support a different cause. BMA’s goal is to guide Lebanon, our beautiful country, towards a better future (environmentally, politically, healthily, and socially speaking). BMA is a hope for our country; it has the power to gather 40 000 people for only one cause.


The Team

The BMA team is like a big group of friends. For each birthday, someone brings a cake; for each lazy Friday, we eat order foul; and for each lunch, desks become tables to eat. I will not reveal the number of food deliveries coming at our office per day!

Other than the fact that they are all food lover, they all have a team spirit and like to help each other. The team is very friendly. It really did not take me long to be friend with all the members of each department.
I remember the day I played ping-pong and basketball with a small ball and a bin during my breaks. I am very glad to have worked in such a funny, yet professional atmosphere.



Even if it was honestly hard to wake up every Sunday at around 5AM for the weekly Long Run event of the Beirut542 program, I really, really enjoyed it. Going to Zaytouna Bay and seeing all the motivated runners made me happy. It was such an amazing experience to go and cover this weekly event on social media. People participating in that program are just incredible; they spread so much positive vibes and good energy. It is hard to express the feeling you get when you see those people running and surpassing themselves. You just want to tell them “Do not give up! You can do it!” Their motivation made me want to run with them. After each run, I used to come back home in such a good mood thanks to them.
The Beirut542 program is maybe the best part of my internship. Thank you to all the 542 runners to have made my internship such a more enjoyable experience. I wish you the best of luck for the marathon. You are all champions.


Albert Cheaib | Meet the BMA TEAM
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 Meet the Beirut Marathon team

“The Beirut Marathon Association (BMA) would not be successful without the phenomenal team we have. This is why we decided it was time to create a “Meet the Team” section so you can all get familiar with our remarkable team members who make all our year-round activities possible.

#MeetTheTeam is a monthly blog post series dedicated to introduce the people who work behind scenes.

Meet Albert Cheaib

Today we would like to introduce you to the man who has been assisting in overseeing all our ongoing activities from concept to execution, our Race Coordinator, Albert Cheaib.



26 year old Albert grew up in Lebanon where he majored in Business Management at USEK before he headed to Universidad Europea de Madrid to received a Master degree in Sports Management.


As you can imagine, Albert is an athletic guy. He’s passion mainly lies in football, which he professionally played for 4 years in the 2nd division and 2 years in the 1st division prior moving to Madrid to study. He also enjoys surfing, skiing, hiking, and table tennis.

 How did Albert join BMA?

Upon his return from Madrid, Albert was searching for an internship to increase his career experience. He decided to check if BMA were hiring since BMA is one of the few organizations in Lebanon to professionally work in sports. Albert checked the BMA website for any internship vacancies but only found volunteering opportunities, which he applied to nonetheless in order to get an interview.


Once Albert was interviewed and shared his story and his passion for sports, he naturally was selected as a volunteer candidate, which isn’t what he was looking for – he wanted to be part of the BMA team.

A few days after the initial interview, he received a call to come in for an interview with our Race Director WissamTerro and he struck gold at the interview. Wissam was impressed by this young, dynamic, and determined man that he hired him as his assistant on the spot.


 Highlights at BMA

Through his line of work, Albert gets the chance to meet a lot of inspirational people and network with some of the country’s biggest companies, which has gotten him quite a bit of exposure. Albert has been integrating his previous experiences and studies into BMA and his energy is constantly felt around our offices – and his big bright smile! He has so much potential that we love watching him grow within BMA and wholeheartedly give all he has.