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“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” – Anonymous


The Challenge

In the Beirut 542 program, there is no competition between teammates and teams. However, you will always have to face one challenge, YOUR challenge. In other words, you will always have to challenge yourself by overcoming your pain, ignoring the negative comments, and most importantly, by believing in yourself.
Three weeks have passed since the launching of the Beirut542 program and we have already reached 11k. This is crazy, I agree, but when you have a bonded team and amazing coaches who are there to support you, you forget about the distance, and focus only on the outcome.




The Drills

“The early bird eats the warm”.
Like every week, our sessions start at 6AM sharp in Zaytouna Bay. We are like tender birds that wake up early in the morning to fight a battle at fast pace.
What I like about my team is that we became like a family; we motivate each other, care about each other, miss those who are absent, and share joyful memories.


The Most Valuable Runner

“Always be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.” – Plato

It was during my day off at the beach that one of the BMA coordinators, Tala, called to inform me that my two coaches designated me as the Most Valuable Runner (MVR) of the team for the month of July 2016. It was such an amazing surprise; I didn’t see it coming. I was so flattered and proud of myself. My coaches’ words describing my commitment and progress made me more than happy.
I want to thank my incredible coaches for their amazing support, without them I won’t have succeeded the long runs that we did so far. I am now pleased to know that all my efforts are paid off and that I am on the right track to reach the 42k during the marathon.



My School Pulse

Since the beginning of the 542 program, I noticed that Beirut Marathon Association is working hard to make our Lebanon a better place. They want to guide our civilization and the next generations towards a better future. By organizing marathons, BMA is able to support critical causes from breast cancer, to handicapped people, to a healthy environment and a greener tomorrow. For instance, they helped My School Pulse Association to organize a 5k run in Faqra last Sunday. The aim of that NGO is to bring education for children at the hospitals. BMA encouraged all 542 runners to participate in that marathon and some of us went!
Thumbs up guys and girls, you made us very proud!
All the support and respect to the BMA team. Keep up the good work!




The Excitement

There is no word to describe my excitement and happiness in this 542 journey. When I run, I am always in a good mood. Running helps me refresh my mind and my body. It also brings positive vibes around all of us. The tough drills make us stronger and push us to be healthier. We run and fight together the long trails, being assured that it will lead us to a magical destination.
After a run, the whole world looks better.





Haytham is a young dynamic guy with a great personality. He is passionate about outdoor activities like football, jogging, and traveling. Seeing him pushing himself during our daily trainings motivates all of us to surpass ourselves too. Nowadays, his goal is to run the big marathon at his own pace non-stop.
Good luck Haytam. Keep the positive spirit up!



KEEP ON RUNNING | By Hussein Khalil
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Two weeks have passed already. Two weeks of tough training, extended tracks, fast exhales, and muscles stretching. Still, this is only the start.

Our United Team:

So far, the team has been doing great. We are getting more attached to each other with each run, creating a bond that will last like a boundless spell. Our relationship is solidly based on a common passion that binds us all: Running.


From the warm up to the post-run stretch, we stick together until the training is over. However, it does not end there! On our Whatsapp group, we like to talk and share details about our life until the darkness covers up the blue skies, and spread sprinkles of sleep all over us wishing everyone Sweet Dreams.

The Discipline:

The second week of training started by our usual maneuvers at “Zaytouna Bay”, and it kept going till our loving coaches decided to try something new. Thus, we visited “Horsh Beirut” and had our daily session over there on Wednesday. It’s like Heaven on Earth. The greenery sight all over you, the smell of fresh natural air, and the touch of sun rays over our stretched bodies gave us all the energy to finish 45 minutes of non-stop run.


The next day, we had to wake up early as we gathered at the “Sports City” near Cola, for some hard-hitting drills from push-ups, squats, walking lunges, and stairs climbing. This day was the hardest, but because of the bonds of our team, we surrendered them all.

Beirut Is Pumping Louder:

Finally, the week came to an end. However, “Every end is a new beginning”.


All Beirut 542 members gathered for our weekly training called the Long Run. This Sunday, was a new challenge for all of us; we had to run 9km.

We gathered early in the morning in the heart of our amorous Beirut. As I arrived, I could feel the sound of enthusiastic and motivated friends touching my soul. Positive vibes were spread by every one of us; the coaches, the photographers, the volunteers, and even the runners. On Sunday, we are one. There are no more teams, we are united to work on the same goal.



The Journey:

Another week has passed. We are getting stronger day-by-day and week by week. Trainings may get harder but we won’t stop. No matter the pain we get during the run, our only relief is to keep on running till the end of race. The last moments of a race may be mentally and physically considered as the hardest ones, but they are actually the best. Nothing feels better than the happiness, pride, and satisfaction you get after hitting the finish line.




Houry and Charbel are lovely coaches.


Coach Houry is an enthusiastic young girl passionate about sports. Her kind heart and tender personality always enlighten our path for a successful training. She is very professional and talented. She knows how to motivate people when they are about to give up. Similarly, Coach Charbel is a considerate person. He takes the time to run next to us to check if we are all fine and doing well.IMG-20160724-WA0025-1_resized

Thank you Coaches Houry and Charbel for your time and continuous sustenance. You inspire us. Hopefully, we will make you proud!


Our First Drill
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Hussein is a Beirut542 participant. In his words he shares with us his training journey

Everyone’s Asleep

The sun is not out yet. The world is on silent mode, everyone is sleeping; Only “WE” are awake. I can hear the voices of running shoes stomping the road, forming an organized symphony from miles away.


It’s 05:30 in the morning. I woke up, put on my shorts and left the house. At 06:00 AM sharp we started running.To our left, the blue sea was flowing, welcoming us with a tranquil sensitive breath, as the sun started shattering its warm light on us.



On the Run..

20 minutes passed, and we haven’t stopped running for a second, not even for a single second. I try to focus for a while. I listen to our hearts beating as a carpenter hammering repeatedly on a piece of wood. I look at each and every one of us. We are all venturing into a new world. Despite our differences, we bond.  We are one team. No matter what the reasons are, we all signed up for Beirut542, we all pledged to run our very first 42.195KM, we’re in this together, and this is our journey.


7Km Later..

The workout is done. We lie down on the ground, and look high at the blue skies. Surges of air cools down our body and eases down the sweat. With every breath of air we felt more energized, we start smiling, then laughing. We are exhausted, true. But we are also very much satisfied. We don’t run just to work, to get ahead; We run for life . We run so we don’t get run over. We run to make happy memories. We run for a peaceful tomorrow, for a healthier lifestyle, for a greener community, for us to feel the beauty of planet earth.



This is the beginning of a beautiful journey. I can’t thank our dearest coaches Houry Soufian and Charbel Nasr enough for their motivation and hard work. They make the marathon a realistic target and I know that having them by my side will allow me to cross the finish line.


Another thank you goes to my team! Thank you for the support, the love and the endless laughs. This is only the start , more is yet to come. I can’t wait to discover all the secrets behind this refreshing initiative. We will not quit, because no matter what happens, eventually, we have to finish what we started, I know I do